Deputy Tripet is a minor character in Leprechaun.

Description Edit

Deputy Tripet first appears in his police car as the Leprechaun speeds past him. Tripet, thinking it's someone in a costume, goes after it and pulls the vehicle over.

After a small talk, the Leprechaun grabs Tripet by the face, scratching it. After managing to escape the Leprechaun's grip, Tripet runs off into the woods.

After running into the woods, Tripet is terrorized by the Leprechaun using his magic, even tossing a stick at it in fear. Tripet runs off again and backs into a tree.

When it seems like the Leprechaun is gone, Tripet starts to relax, but is ambushed by the Leprechaun, who quickly and swiftly kills him by snapping his neck.

His body is discovered in his car by Tory when she is also running from the Leprechaun, who takes out one of his eyes to replace his missing one.