Joe is a minor character in Leprechaun.

Description Edit

Joe first appears in his coin shop, about to put the closed sign on the door when Alex and Ozzie pop by and ask him to take a look at one of the gold coins they found.

Joe takes a look at it and determines the coin to be real gold, but asks the two to keep the coin overnight to further study it, to which the two agree to. Ozzie asks Joe about the gold belonging to a Leprechaun, Joe is confused, but Alex shuts Ozzie up. After they leave, Joe starts studying the coin and looks at his book of coins to see what sort of coin it is.

However, he hears a noise and investigates. When he checks a safe nearby, he is confronted by the Leprechaun, who is searching for his coin. The Leprechaun chastises Joe for taking the coin and bites his leg, sending him to the floor.

After this, the Leprechaun takes a pogo stick and bounces it on Joe's chest over and over again, most likely breaking his ribs and preventing him from breathing properly. After several more bounces, Joe finally dies.