Lucky is a minor character in Leprechaun 4.

Description Edit

Lucky is part of the squadron of marines led by Metal Head Hooker to wipe out a supposed alien hostile on a small planet.

When the marines arrive on the planet, they spot an alien peaking from behind some rocks, which they open fire on. While they are shooting Lucky wanders off from the group.

Finding himself in a cave, Lucky wanders around and finds a pile of treasure. Deciding to take what he can from the pile, he starts placing pieces of the treasure into his helmet.

However, the Leprechaun, who is the supposed alien the group was hunting and who also owns the treasure, appears behind him, but is unseen to him. While Lucky is still distracted by the treasure, the Leprechaun turns his cane into a lightsaber, which he uses to slash Lucky in the back, killing him on the third slash.